day 11 aka the importance of weighing myself on one scale

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So I had to go and mess up. No I am not talking about eating. I am talking about weighing myself on another scale and it showed that I gained weight. ARGHHH I was just about to tear up a little when I moved the scale elsewhere and it showed a different weight. WHEW I almost was almost discouraged. Today I ate what I felt like eating and still was ok about myself.

So thats all I have to say Goodnight day 11.

Day 9 aka funny story

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So I did what I said I weighed myself and guess what. The scale never worked. I always start at the weight I was before and it was wavering and I was a little down so I moved it to get an exact since a pound loss is better than no loss. I did it and it still was wavering so I just moved it to 50 lbs lighter and still doing the same thing. So it was a ha ha on me. I weighed myself on another scale and have a new marker. I won’t know what my weight loss looks like until next week. At well  no complaints been going to bed early which isn’t bad bc that makes me get up to workout.

Goodnight Day 9.

Day 8 aka I am a punk

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So today I punked out in weighing myself. Why? Because I am scared if I weigh myself and I didn’t lose any weight after all that effort I put into it I will just give up. I am not good at eating great all the time. So to make this big effort means that I have big expectations of weight loss. I realize this is the one hurdle that I have yet to conquer successfully. I need to stop being such a baby and realize that this takes hard work. Tomorrow I will weigh myself I promise.

Goodnight Day 8

Hopefully I won’t be such a punk tomorrow

Day 7 aka tomorrow we weigh

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Ok so I am weighing myself tomorrow and I would like to lose 50 lbs by then. lol Just Kidding but I would like to lose something. I believe I have been good (with the exception of one day) with my eating. Today was no exception. I am moody however and it is not helping my interactions with people. Although that might be bc of my womens time. Anywho its a great day to window shop and not waste any money.

Goodnight Day 7 tomorrow we work. (groans and sighs)

Day 6 aka I need to get rid of my what if I drop 6 sizes clothing

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So today wasn’t a bad day at all wasn’t starving or craving crazy stuff thanks to ww. But I am looking around at my closet and the bin that are stacked up to the ceiling with my what if clothes and I think I need to do some purging. The problem is I really think I can get to a size 8 and not have it be uncomfortable. A size ten for sure. Now if I can get rid of my size 16 clothing (bc I dropped weight not bc I went up) then I would do so in a heartbeat. So I make a guarantee to the internet universe. If I not under 210 by the end of September than I will get rid of it. That is definitely manageable only 7 pounds in less than 3 weeks. Ok maybe 201, that way I will keep it under a safe 2 pounds a week. Sidenote I make 32 next month and I am not the sleek fit woman I planned on being at that age. While that is a setback it isn’t going to make me lose focus. I want a fit lifestyle and its a daily change towards lifetime goals.

Goodnight Size 8 and 10 (I have some really cute clothes)

Sidenote: I swear before I lost all the weight I used to look in stores thinking if I were that size I could wear this. Then I got that size and all the clothing sucked in the windows. Just always thought that was funny.

Day 5 aka wow I ate a lot yesterday

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Ok so I spent today updating my list with stuff I forgot I ate. Still wasn’t horrible but wasn’t great either. I realize how easy it is to just snack and forget what you ate and then say I don’t know why I am gaining weight I hardly eat anything. Today wasn’t a bad day I snacked healthy when I didn’t have time to fix something (although I had the “I am hungry wait fried chicken can be healthy right?” thoughts). I signed up for swim classes so I am excited and now that my hair is short I don’t have to worry about anything but my form. I am super excited. I have also been looking up introductory  steps to triathlons online. So I will be starting that Monday.

I know these blog are short I thought about going into other things in my life (and believe me there are plenty) but this is just for my triathlon goal which includes weight loss. I figure it will pick up the more I get involved in the workouts.

Day 5 done.

Day 4

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So today was a good and bad day. First the bad…. I ate a lot of junk food today and I felt physically bloated and horrible. Now that I have confessed here is the good I wrote down everything I ate in ww and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I normally do write down the foolishness I do. I just start over the next day like it never happened like the guilty little secret. I owned up to it and turns out it wasn’t even worth time in jail for it. However tomorrow I will be at the gym to try to make up for it.  Have a great night day 4.

p.s. I am close to getting a coach. cross fingers.