I didn’t know hair grows there lol.

So we are into the month of November and I have blogged in over a year. Actually that is not true I have blogged everyday in my head. I just never put fingers to keyboard to do something about it.

Anyway a new year brings about new changes and new challenges. Funny thing is so much has changed in my life since then. I did a triathlon, actually two and it was a life changing experience. I lost a total of 35 pounds prior to the triathlon. I have traveled to quite a few places searching for this great exciting life. In the process of my search I have made great additions to my friend list and to my outrageous stories but I only realized going everywhere made me miss home more. So my goal for this past year became find me a home so I wouldn’t feel like such a nomad. What I learned is home is literally in your head because paying $1500 a month for rent and not actually living there because you are moving around so much is for the birds. Where I am is where I am and I needed to come to terms with it.

The other thing I have come to terms with is one event will not determine the rest of your life but it can influence it. I thought that once I did my first triathlon that my life would change. All of the sudden I would get a six pack and fitness would be something I sleep, eat, and live. What actually happened is life got in the way. I moved to another job and my regiment got changed drastically and I put on 10 of those pounds back. I started getting back into my bad habit of planning to do great things with my health once this happened or that happened and I didn’t know I was doing it until a friend of mines put me on beautiful brown baby doll on youtube. As a result I started looking at what I can do today to change my future in a positive way. I also realize that I am motivated by big challenges that are outside of my current possibility of completion. For example I signed up for a May 2011 triathlon in November and I didn’t even know how to swim (plus I had a huge fear of swimming in open bodies of water) much less was I in running conditions but having that big a challenge caused me to push myself to rise to the occasion. Is it crazy that I pushed myself so hard possibly but for me it was what I needed. The result of me doing it was this amazing feeling of accomplishments that no one can take away from me plus I know how to swim. My newest challenge (Feb 2012) a half marathon.

Where I am now is better than where I was this time last year plus a year older. The only difference is I am being more accepting of who I am flaws and all. I am also setting up monthly goals for myself that are designed for personal and professional growth. For example during the month of October I decided to conquer a fear in honor of Halloween. I will post my October challenge and results on here soon.

Feeling good and looking great,


~ by The K is SIlent on November 14, 2011.

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