Day 17 aka sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

So today was a good day. I got to work from home which is good to not have to get dressed for work. I also tried pilates for the first time and wow. My butt and abs are hating me. I like the workout. It definitely was different from anything I have everything I have ever done. It also makes me realize that my core needs a lot of work. I will be doing this again.

I was supposed to be going to my first swim lesson today and at the last minute I got an email from the lady canceling. I was definitely upset but I didn’t stay in that so I went upstairs to the rooftop pool and swam. I didn’t swim long at all but I was proud of myself for not letting myself down. Also, my form didn’t stink so two thumbs up me.

In case you were wondering I still am having body issues but today is a good day and I felt good about my fat. No matter what I feel about my body I never let anyone see the insecurity it doesn’t help you and it won’t do anyone else any good. Also I think I am sexy still fat and all. 🙂  I had a friend of mines who was really tiny and I used to hang out with her. I know she thought I was fat but I did too so we agreed. But I know she used to just beat herself  up trying to figure out why I pulled the sexy 6 pack having men I pulled. Sadly enough women don’t understand that the biggest percentage of attraction is how one carries themselves. If I walk like I weigh 130 and a centerfold then people treat you like that. (Not that I endorse 130lb at all I am from the south and I believe in meat on your bones.) The point is love what you have or do something about it. It doesn’t make any sense to live in your body and hating yourself at the same time. Life is too short. If you don’t want to eat right and/or work out and you don’t want surgery to get to the idea size (I don’t endorse that either but I don’t knock it bc I may endorse it if my boobs go south too soon) then don’t complain when you aren’t living your life in your ideal body type or close to it. OR be happy in the skin you are in and if you are really happy and overweight I have no problems with that as long as it isn’t a consolation prize to what you really want. Getting off my soap box.

Goodnight day 17 I am kind of hungry after the swim but I don’t want to sleep with food in my stomach.

~ by The K is SIlent on October 1, 2010.

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