Day 16 aka closer to creating a habit

So it takes 21 days to form a habit and I am 5 days away from my habit forming blog. I like the idea that there is something that keeps me focused on just this particular part of my life. I spend so much time focusing on one aspect of my life that its like I have been walking around with a cast on one leg and the other leg is super strong. Because of the weakness in my other leg it causes my whole body to suffer.  Balance is what I need to work on. That is my next goal to balance workouts with fun time and work and social time. I think I am kind of doing it now but that would be day 1 and I need 20 more days to work that out.

Anyway today I ate just ok. I went out to eat and ate fried wings, potatoes, and bread pudding so I made sure I attended a spin and yoga class. So I am satisfied especially if I dont gain weight.

Anyway Goodnight day 16

~ by The K is SIlent on September 30, 2010.

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