Day 15 aka glad its not Day 14.

So this morning I worked out at 1:30 and later today at noon. I felt good about doing so even though it was a little crazy. I didn’t over do it and most importantly I feel better about me working towards a healthy body. I have a friend who is a body image coach for me. To keep everything I do in a reasonable assessment. I ate very well which makes me feel better about my fear of eating and getting fatter. I know it takes time and I am ready for that but I need to know that everything isn’t working in my favor of being a fat person.  Most importantly I don’t want to let myself down with something that is this important to me.

Oh and I weighed myself on the working scale and I am 212 not under 210 like I wanted to but I still lost 5lbs so that is better than nothing.

Anyway goodnight Day 15

~ by The K is SIlent on September 29, 2010.

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